Valentine’s day show – the social Valentine

Welcome to the Social Web Show special Valentine’s Day edition…

Enjoy the video… here are some additional notes (links open in a new window and should not interrupt the video playback):

In Singapore, there is a government-sponsored event around Valentine’s Day called “Romancing Singapore“, and one event is “Love In A Capsule” that has […]

Episode 1: Friends

Our first episode (after the one we called Episode Zero) will be about online friends. To get warmed up, here is a video made by CommonCraft about social networking that covers how friends link up online, via social networking.

Sponsors of the show

While the show is not currently taking sponsors, we are talking to potential sponsors. Contact the Social Web Show for more information.

The following link is not a sponsor, and is the claim for our Technorati Profile.

Social Web Show – Episode Zero

Watch it before it goes away – tell your friends, too – the first episode of the Social Web Show. We discuss social networking, Twitter, web 2.0, and other topics.

It’s just under 5 minutes, and seems like it’s shorter. Or longer, if you are impatient.