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Twitter parody

Perhaps “parody” is not the correct word, since the video is more of a Saturday Night Live-ish cartoon of how Twitter works. Very funny, if you are at all hooked into tweeting your life’s best moments.

You can also see funny tweet-friendly comics at Twoons.com.


Brand Competition – Past & Present

Using social media or interactive marketing can give a brand an edge, especially when other competing brands are not using it (or not as effectively). It can upset a level playing field. Old-school cleverness with cool ads can lose out to new-school customer engagement, conversations, interactions and authenticity.

Is successful social media marketing almost like […]

Explaining Social Media

Another fun video from CommonCraft – about social media:

The video is embedded above.

External Clip: Facebook Valentine’s Day Dating Profile

So, have no date for Valentine’s Day? But, maybe you have a lot of creativity? This man created a pumped-up Facebook profile with over 600 dating-related apps, part of 1500 applications installed in his profile. Then, he made a video to attract attention… it caught ours!

FaceSpace Valentine Facebook Profile Screencast from Huy Hong on […]