Valentine’s day show – the social Valentine

Welcome to the Social Web Show special Valentine’s Day edition…

Enjoy the video… here are some additional notes (links open in a new window and should not interrupt the video playback):

In Singapore, there is a government-sponsored event around Valentine’s Day called “Romancing Singapore“, and one event is “Love In A Capsule” that has among it’s organizers a social networking Clique Wise.

There are at least two new facebook applications released this month (Feb 2008) that are strictly Valentine’s-related, and likely more that slipped past our searching. There also is a travel social networking site launching on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Show – Social Valentine’s Day from Social Web Show on Vimeo.

Word is one gentleman with no Valentine’s Date set up a pimped-up Facebook profile with 1500 applications, of which 600 are for daing purposes. He’s totally ready for a social-networking Valentine’s Day. He’s also posted a video which we have on our site, which talks about how to make the most awesome profile page ever. Key is to promise to change your “relationship status” on Facebook for that “special” person… changing your status to “in a relationship”.

And, besides friend-based networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, traffic is up now for Valentine’s Day at dating sites. This is according to the web metrics firm Hitwise, as reported on, which listed the top ranked site as There also was a question as to if Craigslist personals posting also increased?

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