Sponsors of the show

While the show is not currently taking sponsors, we are talking to potential sponsors. Contact the Social Web Show for more information.

The following link is not a sponsor, and is the claim for our Technorati Profile.

Social Web Show – Episode Zero

Watch it before it goes away – tell your friends, too – the first episode of the Social Web Show. We discuss social networking, Twitter, web 2.0, and other topics.

It’s just under 5 minutes, and seems like it’s shorter. Or longer, if you are impatient.


Social Web Show in pre-production

The first episode of the Social web show is in pre-production as the format gets finalized. The show has several segments, focusing on general web 2.0 news, an interview related to social networking/social media, a tips section, and also online marketing in a social networking/social bookmarking vein.Â

Welcome to the Social Web Show!